Mathematics can be one of the most difficult subjects to teach, because math can be one of the hardest subjects to learn. Students often perceive that they cannot learn math. There are many reasons why learners find it hard, but the reason why most learners feel stuck I think, has to do with the self-confidence. Most of the students I’ve worked with over the years have either loved math because they were empowered by what they had learned and were able to use that knowledge to solve problems. On the other hand, students who hated learning mathematics seemed to feel as though they just didn’t have the brain that could “math.” I’ve enjoyed helping students figure out how to be successful in learning math.  I’ve heard statements like, “I guess I am good at math,” “I didn’t realize that I could do math”, and more.

There were plenty of students in the middle of the road with respect to their feelings about math, but I encouraged them to find something that would personally motivate them to enjoy the process!

To tell you the truth the transformations have been rewarding from my perspective!  I am looking forward to spending some time (albeit online) with some students to help them make progress learning math.